Respect for talent, achievement of talent, happiness

1. talent is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of the cause of 7412.
2. employees rely on business to get rich, enterprises rely on staff to take off.
3. respect for employees, achievement employees, happy employees, for the staff to create a platform for employees to reflect their own value in the work, play the initiative, creativity and enthusiasm of employees, the staff of the thinking and behavior Transformation to the driving force for the development of enterprises.

(one) selection and appointment: the first skill based learning ability as the basis for cultural identity
1. character is the premise of selection.
2. professional skills knowledge is the basis for selection.
3. learning ability is an essential requirement for selection.
4. employees should agree with the company's corporate culture and value concept.

(two) in view: to recognize with composite development before long use
1. the leader will know it, will use it, love.
2. managers must do: eye found talent, attach great importance to the talent in thought, feelings and talent pool, work on caring for people, life caring personnel and the mentality of the inclusive talent.
3. adhere to the internal selection of management personnel, supplemented by the principle of recruitment.
4.the establishment of a moderate degree of talent competition in the enterprise environment.
5.The development of 5 talents, not sticking to formalities, pay attention to the cultivation of talents development.

(three) incentive view: there is a reward for the return of the status as a
1. 1 ability to determine the position, contribution to the value of the decision (remuneration).
2 enterprise distribution by benefit, employee income by contribution.
3.German must coordinate.
4. To general staff give the opportunity, staff officer to position, stem the materialisation of employees to return, outstanding contributions of the employees to the reward.
5. never let Lei Feng suffer.

Job 1: Quality Engineer


1, gender: male.

2. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design or related.

3. in the automotive fastener industry more than 3 years.

4.familiar with the quality control of all kinds of tools, such as: 8D report.

5.ith good communication and coordination, execution ability, can obey the leadership work distribution.

6. open-minded, strong psychological pressure.

7.steady work, careful, strong sense of responsibility.

8.there is a certain interest and understanding of the quality management work.

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Position two: Product Engineer


1. gender: no limit.

2. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design.

3. skilled use of 2D / 3D graphics software.

4. the work of clear thinking, strong execution, can obey the management.

5. open-minded, strong psychological pressure.

6.with good communication and coordination and language skills.

7. have a hard study, good learning ability.

8. fastener business design work experience or English translation ability is preferred.

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Fax: 0580-2021001

Contact: Mr. Yu

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