Quality control

  • To "do not accept defects, non manufacturing defects, non delivery defects," as the motto of quality.

    1 to create a permanent goal of product and service improvement; from short-term goals to long-term construction.

    2 quality awareness in my mind, the quality of products in my hands.

    3 "error free" as the definition of the quality of the staff, and establish a good idea to do the work well.


  • Laboratory imported high-end German, Japan and other imported testing equipment more than 20 units, the ability to have the raw material chemical composition, mechanical properties, geometric size and shape and position tolerance test, surface

    Corrosion resistance, part pressure, leak test, cleanliness test, surface coating thickness, fatigue test, simulation test and test of residual torque and the residual torque test and so on.

    Test engineer has the ability to cooperate with the host plant technology center in the development of experimental verification capabilities, and access to academic papers and factory test innovative technology research and development projects; plant laboratory to obtain SAIC

    GP10, SAIC, SAIC gear, SAIC GM Wuling, Jiangling, Geely, BYD host plant laboratory accreditation certificate; management in strict accordance with the quality department to establish a laboratory manual

    And process operation.




  • Through the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality system and ISO14001/OHSAS18001 environment occupation health and safety management system certification, customer special quality management system, such as SAIC GM QSB & Volkswagen Formel_Q& Jiang Sen quality feedback loop, etc..

    Process of self inspection and the first and last control ability, the quality of sperm test room equipped with Germany, Japan and Taiwan high precision testing equipment for key size and hardness inspection or with workshop 5M1E change detection recognition, key process equipment online monitoring the pressure anti wrong and SPC control, Taiwan Yongjin mouth automatic computer process parameters control and alarm device for heat treatment of mesh belt furnace line, a plurality of fasteners image inspection machine control, customer specific quality requirements of propulsion control, such as GM QSB operation.




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